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How to receive and respond to emails in Slack?

Respond to customers’ questions directly in Slack. Manage your customer support or Help Desk in the most effortless way possible. No switching between windows, no customers left behind – 100% free. Make customer communication a piece of cake with Lounar!

Why is Slack better than email?

Real conversations with your customers are essential for your business to succeed. And sending emails back and forth will not cut it.

Integrate your email with Slack using Lounar to turn slow, tedious conversations into an effortless flow of communication between you and your customer.

It’s simpler than you think – we’ll show you:

How to integrate Slack with your email?

To receive emails in Slack, you don’t need any technical background. The process consists of only 5 simple steps:

  1. Create integration between Slack and Email in Lounar

  2. Connect your Slack workspace to Lounar

  3. Configure email forwarding to Slack

  4. Start receiving emails in Slack

  5. Respond to emails in Slack

Step 1: Create integration in Lounar

Once logged into Lounar, you’ll see all the integrations already created with the app. Add another one by clicking the + Create New button:

On the next page, you’ll see 2 drop-down lists. Click the 1st one, called Source application, to see all the available communication channels you can integrate with Slack using Lounar:

From the dropdown list, choose Email to connect your inbox to a dedicated Slack channel:

Next, Lounar will generate a unique email address for you. You will use it to forward all the emails from your inbox to Slack (more on that later):

You’ll see the option to configure a Reply-To address right under the email address. It’s a very convenient option for companies wanting to use different emails to reply to their customers’ questions.

For example, every customer can ask you a question at But you want to respond to all the questions using your email address to add a human touch to the communication.

Lounar allows you to specify which email address will appear in your customer’s inbox after you respond to their question.

Congratulations 🥳 You completed the 1st step of integrating your Email with Slack. Let’s connect your Slack workspace to Lounar and send our 1st email in Slack!

Step 2: Connect your Slack workspace to Lounar

In the integration creator, look for the dropdown list titled Destination application. Click on the list to see all integration options available. In the case of email, you’ll see only 1 option to choose from — Slack:

Once you choose Slack from the list, a button Sign in with Slack will appear. Click on it to connect your Slack workspace to Lounar:

Another tab with the Slack website will pop up. To add Lounar to your Slack workspace, click the green Allow button:

Lounar gives you 2 ways of adding your email to Slack:

  • Create a new channel: Lounar will create a new Slack channel to send all the emails. When you choose this option, ensure to provide the name you want the new channel to have. After that, click on the Create button.

  • Select channel: choose one of the already created channels where you want to receive the emails.

Choose the option which suits your needs better.

Step 3: Configure email forwarding to the provided unique email address

You’re halfway there! The only thing left is to provide your email provider with the unique email address Lounar generated for you. That will ensure all emails will be forwarded to the Slack channel we chose in the previous step.

We’ll go through the forwarding configuration in Gmail for the sake of this guide.

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How to set up email forwarding in Gmail?

At the top bar, find the gear icon and click on it.

You’ll see a sidebar appearing on the left. Right at the top of it, you’ll see the button titled See all settings. Click on it.

Once the Settings tab is open, look for the Forwarding and POP/IMAP section at the top and open it:

Find the Forwarding section and click on the Add a forwarding address:

Paste the unique email address Lounar generated for you and hit the Next button:

In the new window, hit the Proceed button:

After that, come back to the tab with Gmail opened. You’ll see a notification pop up telling you about the confirmation code that has been sent to the email.

Open Slack and go to the channel you want to receive emails in. The message with the confirmation code should already be waiting for you in the channel you chose to receive emails in:

Copy the link you’ll see in the message, paste it into your browser and open it:

The last step is to confirm the email forwarding:

And there we have it! From now on, you’ll receive all the emails sent to your inbox right into your Slack workspace.

Step 4: Receive your emails in Slack

Once a new email lands in your inbox – you’ll receive a Slack notification. It will look the same as regular notifications about new messages:

Go to the #channel you received the email in. The email will be turned into a regular Slack message, as shown below:

Step 5: Reply to emails in Slack

Using Lounar to integrate your email with Slack, you can effortlessly respond to every email sent to your inbox. Simply hover on the message, and from the bar that will appear, choose Reply in a thread:

Write your reply and send the message:

After that, your customer will get your answer in their inbox.

And that’s all – easy, right? 😊

From now on, you may forget the messy inbox. Manage all your emails in Slack with effortless Lounar integration:

FAQ – Email to Slack integration with Lounar

Still, having some doubts? We prepared for you a FAQ section that hopefully will make all things clear:

How does Slack work with email?

First, connect your email with Slack using Lounar. After that, all the emails will automatically go into the dedicated Slack channel you want to receive emails. You can reply to them by hitting the Reply in thread button.

How do I set up email notifications on Slack?

To receive notifications about new email messages in Slack, log in to your Lounar account and add a new integration between your email account and Slack workspace. After that, configure forwarding emails to Slack – and there you have it! From now on, you’ll be notified about every email in your inbox!

Better yet – you’ll be able to respond to them directly in Slack!

Can I respond to emails in Slack?


Lounar allows you to receive and respond to all emails in Slack. There are no limits regarding the number of emails you can respond to and receive. So, forget about the messy inbox – and level up your customer communication with Lounar!

How many emails can I connect to Slack?

You can connect as many emails as you need. There’s no limit to the number of emails/workspaces you can integrate using Lounar.

Do I have to pay to receive emails in Slack?

Many Slack add-ons will ask you to pay for this option.

Lounar isn’t 1 of them! With Lounar, you don’t have to pay a single penny to access the full functionality of Slack ➡ Email integration.

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