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How to sync Slack channels from different workspaces?

Tired of switching between all the Slack Workspaces you’re part of? Connect multiple Slack workspaces into 1 #channel using Lounar’s Slack add-on. Make contacting your customers effortless – with 0 switching between windows and 0 customers left behind.

10 Slack Workspaces turned into 1 channel?

You read that right! Keeping track of all the Workspaces you’re part of can be challenging. And if you want to look professional to your clients – missing even 1 message is not an option.

Is constant switching between all workspaces, channels, and DMs a must, then?

Absolutely not. You can make communication with customers less sloppy – and Lounar will help you with that.

Our tool allows you to integrate all workspaces you’re part of into 1 convenient Slack channel. From there, you can manage all client conversations without the hustle and bustle of switching between the workspaces.

Wanna know more? Let us show you what it’s all about:

Can you combine two Slack workspaces?

To merge 2 workspaces into 1 channel, do those 4 steps:

  1. Connect Lounar to your customer’s workspace

  2. Decide on messages you want Lounar to send you with Integration Creator

  3. Connect Lounar to your own Workspace

  4. Choose a channel in your Workspace you wish to receive messages from other workspaces in

Step 1: Integrate external Workspace with Lounar

When you're logged into Lounar and click the + Create New button, you'll be able to add another integration:

On the next page, you’ll see 2 drop-down lists. Click the 1st one, called Source application, and choose Slack from the list to start the integration:

Next, you will see a button: Sign in with Slack. Click on it to connect your customer’s Workspace with Lounar:

Another tab with the Slack website will pop up.

First, make sure you’ve chosen your customer’s Slack Workspace from the list in the top right corner.

To add Lounar to your Slack workspace, click the green Allow button:

Step 2: Create Integration and customize your workflow

After you’ve added your customer’s Workspace to Lounar, you’ll see some customization options:

Here’s what it all means:

  1. Listen for:

  • Direct messages - you’ll receive a notification of a new DM from your customer without the need to be logged into their Slack Workspace

  • User mentions - each time 1 of your customers mentions you in a conversation, Lounar will send you a notification about it.

Lounar can also send you a new message from the channel you choose. To do that, select the channel from the list:

Step 3: Integrate your Workspace with Lounar

The next step is very similar – the only difference is now, you’ll be connecting Lounar to your company’s Workspace.

Choose Slack from the Destination application list and click the Sign in with Slack button:

Now, make sure you’ve chosen your own Workspace to connect to Lounar and click the Allow button:

Step 4: Customize integration with your Slack Workspace

When you connect the correct Slack Workspace and come back to Lounar, you have 2 options to choose from:

  • Create a new channel – Lounar will add a new channel into your Workspace dedicated to receiving messages from customers. You can call it the way you want. Click on the Create button to add it to your Workspace.

  • Select channel – choose 1 of the already existing channels you want to use to receive messages from different Workspaces.

After you set everything how you like, hit the Create button:

And done! Now every important message from your customer will be automatically sent to your #channel. No constant switching between different workspaces!

Let us show you how it works:

Receive Slack messages from another Workspace

Using Lounar’s integration, each new Slack message you’ll get from a customer will be

automatically forwarded to 1 channel. You’ll receive a regular Slack notification when it happens, like with any other message:

To respond to the message, just hit Reply in a thread option:

And type away!

The customer will also get a notification as soon as you reply:

Ain’t that easy?

Forget the hustle of keeping track of every Workspace you’re part of. Make customer communication a breeze with Lounar – 100% free Slack add-on:

FAQ – How to integrate 2 Slack Workspaces?

Still not sure about all of it? No worries – we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions to help you make everything clear about our Slack add-on:

How to send messages in Slack to another company?

You have 2 options:

  1. You can switch between every Workspace you’re part of and send the messages manually.

  2. You can integrate all Workspaces into 1 #channel and send each message to any customer with no switching.

Not that hard of choice, is it?

Can you Slack people outside of your organization?

Yes! The only thing they have to do is to add you as a user to their Workspace.

From then, you integrate their Slack into a dedicated channel in your Workspace with Lounar, making customer communication effortless!

How many Slack Workspaces can I integrate with Lounar?

As many as you want! There are no limits to the number of integrations you can make with Lounar.

BTW. did you know that you can receive emails in Slack as well?

Can I respond to multiple questions in 1 channel?

Absolutely! To do that, select the same destination #channel for each integration you make.

What’s even cooler – you can integrate multiple communication channels into 1 Slack #channel! This way, you can create a 2x more efficient system to build great customer relationships – with 2x less effort.

Do I have to pay for more integrations?

Nope. Lounar is 100% free. Full functionality and 0 integration limits – just pure workflow optimization for your company.

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