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Integrate Yelp messages with Slack

Communication with customers across various channels is challenging, especially for local businesses. There’s always a lot of work to do, and because of that, the quality of communication with customers is sometimes compromised.

If you listed your company on Yelp, you know how important it is to keep the communication flow there going. It builds your customers’ trust and convinces them to visit your physical store.

But when you’re busy doing everything a small business owner has to do – keeping up with the notifications from Yelp is almost impossible.

Lounar created a tool to help you integrate Yelp messages with your Slack account. Here’s what it all means and how it can streamline customer communication.

Why should you integrate Yelp with Slack?

When communicating with customers – you want to stay as much in the loop as possible. Nobody likes to have their questions unanswered, especially a customer in the middle of some buying decisions.

Yelp allows you to communicate with your customers directly and answer their questions or concerns about your products or services. However, when there’s so much to do in the business alone, you might not have time to check Yelp messages constantly.

What Lounar integration between Slack ⇄ Yelp will give you?

2 of the most important metrics when it comes to Yelp messages are:

  • Response time

  • Response rate

Based on those 2, Yelp calculates your responsiveness and shows the customer you reply fast to all messages. Metrics like that showcase how much you care about the quality of your customer service. And this encourages more customers to reach out to you.

With Lounar’s integration between Yelp and Slack, you can improve both metrics by auto-response to any new messages coming to your inbox. This might be very helpful when too many messages are coming to your inbox daily to handle them at once. Besides, an auto-responder can inform your customers about your business being closed or other happenings.

Here’s how Lounar’s integration improved one of our customer's response rate metrics on Yelp:

Additionally, Lounar helps you eliminate the constant switching between multiple communication channels. Every message will go into 1 place, allowing you to keep order among multiple customer messages coming to your Yelp inbox.

Although Slack has been used chiefly by companies working remotely, it’s still one of the most comfortable and efficient tools to communicate with customers, even when it comes to local businesses:

  • It has a convenient mobile app that sends notifications as soon as a new message gets sent to your Yelp inbox.

  • You can set reminders and add specific tags to messages, allowing you to sort out even the messiest business inbox in just a few clicks.

  • Lounar’s integration with Slack allows you to connect not only Yelp messages but also other communication channels with your customers and stakeholders:

  • Email

  • Typeform

  • Twilio SMS

  • Wix

And many more – the list of available integrations is also constantly growing!

How do you connect Yelp to Slack?

Step 1: Integrate Yelp with Lounar

Once logged into Lounar, you’ll see all the integrations already created with the app. Then, add another one by clicking the + Create New button:

On the next page, you’ll see 2 drop-down lists. First, click the one labeled Source application to see all the available communication channels you can integrate with Slack using Lounar. Next, choose Yelp messages as your Source application:

In the next stage, type in your Yelp account email and password to set up an integration between Lounar and Yelp:

To set up an integration, click the Proceed button:

Step 2: Connect Slack to Lounar

The last step is integrating your Slack Workspace with your Typeform account using Lounar.

To do that, simply select Slack from the Destination application dropdown list:

Then, connect your Slack Workspace to Lounar by clicking the Sign in with Slack button:

And done! Now, let’s go back to Lounar and finish the configuration!

Step 4: Set the Slack channel to receive responses from Yelp

After you connect Lounar with your Slack Workspace, you’ll be able to define how you would like to receive data from Yelp in Slack.

Lounar can create a Slack channel to receive Yelp responses in your workspace. Click the Create button and name your channel:

Alternatively, if you already have the channel, choose it from the drop-down menu:

Click the blue Create button at the bottom to complete the integration:

And we’re done! Now, let’s see how it works:

How does Yelp send responses to Slack?

Using Lounar’s integration, all messages from Yelp will be automatically forwarded to the chosen Slack channel. You’ll receive a regular Slack notification when it happens, just like with any other message:

Open it to read the message and respond to it directly in Slack.

How to respond to customers’ questions from Yelp in Slack?

Using Lounar, you can integrate your Yelp account with Slack for effortless replying to messages. Select Reply in a thread from the bar that appears when you hover over the message:

Write your reply and send the message:

Easy, right?

Communication can be easy for small businesses. Everything is in one place, with a clean format of Slack messages. No switching between devices or software. Level up your customer service and observe how your local business becomes a local attraction!

You know it's free, right?

FAQ - Slack and Yelp integration

How many Yelp accounts can I connect to Slack?

As many as you need! There’s no limit to the number of Yelp accounts you can connect to Slack using Lounar.

How many Yelp messages per day can I forward to Slack with Lounar?

No limit here as well. We don’t want to limit your communication capabilities – so don’t worry about missing a message just because you reached a limit. Lounar was designed for better flexibility for every local business owner 😁

Can I respond to customer questions submitted on Yelp?

Yes! Once you’re notified in Slack about a customer’s question, you can respond to it directly in Slack using the Reply via thread feature.

How long will I wait for Lounar to forward the message from Yelp to Slack?

You won’t wait even for a second. All messages from Yelp are automatically forwarded to your Slack workspace in a blink of an eye. So you don’t have to worry about a clogged email account and lost notifications of new messages to your survey.

Will my other employees see the messages?

Yes – if they are a part of the channel you chose for the answers, of course. 😁

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