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6 Slack hacks to optimize communication with customers in your business

Slack has quickly become a vital part of the communication process inside business teams worldwide. Quick, efficient, and enjoyable — it enables groups of all shapes and sizes to effectively build their products or services.

But have you ever wondered about all the possibilities Slack gives you to communicate better with your customers? Here are 6 hacks you can implement to instantly improve communication with your customers by using the most out of your Slack workspace.

Integrate Slack with other customer communication channels

Using email as your primary communication channel? It can quickly get pretty messy.

There’s nothing less exciting than coming back to work on Monday after a restful weekend — just to be flooded with emails. Customers’ requests, questions, and problems — are all waiting to be resolved ASAP.

Luckily, there’s a solution to that.

Integrating your business email with Slack will sort out even the messiest inbox and make communication with your customers effortless.

To make the most out of the integration, implement tools that will automate the tagging, responding, and archiving your customers’ emails. That way, you’ll make sure each issue is taken care of properly and no customer is left behind.

It’s 100% free!

Create dedicated channels for your customers

When you sell B2B products or services — communication in Slack can bring 2 separate companies into 1 space, allowing both sides to communicate clearly and effectively.

Shared channels allow both sides to stay informed about the latest updates about your businesses. And if there’s a misunderstanding — you can quickly resolve it using several communication tools Slack provides its users: posts, calls, meetings, etc.

A dedicated channel is also an excellent opportunity to share and manage files in 1 place. How often have you all struggled with a file lost in your customer's SPAM folder? Slack eliminates the risk by… well — 100%!

Give clients a warm welcome with an onboarding message.

Make your customers feel appreciated immediately by sending them a friendly, welcoming message.

It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce your company better, especially those designated to help the client at every point of your company working together.

Doing so will have many benefits for your business, such as:

  • making your customers feel special,

  • building trust in your services,

  • helping you build a long-lasting business relationship.

PROTIP: you can automate the process of customers’ onboarding using a dedicated bot that will send the welcome message automatically for each new customer joining your workspace.

Set working hours

Have you ever received a customer's text message at an unexpected time? It can get pretty annoying, we know. But what if the customer doesn’t know when we’re available and sends the message hoping we will respond?

Now, that’s a whole other problem. And once again — Slack is the quick solution to it!

Integrating SMS communication with your customers in Slack means you can set your status and inform your customers when you can contact them.

This makes communication fair and efficient for both sides — you can keep calm and focus on taking a rest from work while your customer is always informed about your availability.

Build relationships

How Slack resembles your typical, day-to-day messenger app is a great advantage to be used by your company.

Especially when compared to more traditional communication channels, like email. It’s quicker, more efficient, and focused on socializing instead of simply exchanging information.

By inviting your customers to your company’s workspace, your team can contact them directly and ask for feedback on a specific feature or service.

There are 2 ways you can bring your customers into your workspace:

  • Multi-channel guests: you specify the channels your customers have access to. They’re billed as regular members and can be added to as many channels as you want.

  • Single-channel guests: have access to only 1 channel. For every 1 paid active member, you can add 5 guests to the workspace.

This allows you to always listen closely to your customers’ voices, responding fast to the most significant concerns and increasing the chances of getting more brand ambassadors.

It’s also a great way to get first-hand customer feedback about your products' new features and beta releases.

Of course, if you have a large customer base, adding even the majority of them might be a problem. But in that case, you can develop a system to help you decide which customer groups would bring more value to your workspace than others.

Make it fun!

Slack can also be an excellent tool for managing the community around your product. Updates, shoutouts, product newsletters — it can all be managed in your Slack workspace!

Using Slack as a marketing communication hub for your customers is a great way to drastically improve the reach and open rate of announcements about your products or services.

Also — make sure to engage your customers to be a part of your journey by asking them to react to the messages using emojis or responding to them via threads. That’ll ensure your messages reach a broad audience of customers — while making your business’ marketing fun!

Lounar will help you integrate all your customer communication channels and turn them into 1 Slack #channel. Email, SMS, or other Slack workspaces — all managed from 1 place without any additional CRM platform. Try it out for free to see it in action.

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