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Typeform and Slack integration: send form responses to Slack and respond to customer questions

Send Typeform responses and respond to customers' questions directly in Slack.

Never miss responses to your surveys again. Lounar lets you send all answers to a dedicated Slack channel and make them easily accessible by any of your team members. Keep all communication with customers in 1 neat place, easily accessible wherever you are.

Make research and gathering feedback a piece of cake with Lounar!

Does Typeform integrate with Slack?

Yes – Typeform can send all answers to your surveys directly into your Slack Workspace. Connect your Typeform account with Slack using Lounar and start gathering customer feedback more conveniently.

This integration is great to gather:

  • customer feedback,

  • poll results,

  • leads,

  • survey answers

Lounar helps you create a more structured communication flow between you and your customers. Once your customer submits a question via form created in Typeform, the question is sent directly to a dedicated Slack channel you choose. From there, you can respond to the question directly in Slack, using the Reply in a thread feature.

Lounar’s integration between Typeform and Slack also enhances collaboration with your teammates. No need to switch between your company’s email and other communication apps to create a summary of surveys conducted with Typeform. Now, you have everything in 1 place.

How do I connect slack to Typeform?

To receive responses to surveys made in Typeform, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Create new integration in Lounar

  2. Integrate Typeform with Lounar

  3. Connect Slack workspace with Typeform

  4. Set the Slack channel to receive responses from Typeform

Step 1: Create new integration in Lounar

Once logged into Lounar, you’ll see all the integrations already created with the app. Then, add another one by clicking the + Create New button:

On the next page, you’ll see 2 drop-down lists. Click the 1st one, called Source application, to see all the available communication channels you can integrate with Slack using Lounar. Next, choose Typeform as your Source application:

Step 2: Integrate Typeform with Lounar

Let’s now connect your Typeform account with Lounar – it takes just a couple of clicks!

First, click the Install the app button:

On the next screen, you’ll be redirected to Typeform’s website. Click on the Accept button to proceed:

After returning to Lounar, you’ll be asked to choose which form you’d like to integrate. Click on the dropdown list and choose the desired form:


Choose 1 Typeform field Lounar will forward to Slack. It can be, e.g., a customer’s email address or another significant piece of information.

Step 3: Connect Slack workspace with Typeform

The last step is integrating your Slack Workspace with your Typeform account using Lounar.

To do that, select Slack from the Destination application dropdown list:

Then, connect your Slack Workspace to Lounar by clicking the Sign in with Slack button:

Another tab with the Slack website will pop up. To add Lounar to your Slack workspace, click the green Allow button:

And done! Now, let’s go back to Lounar and finish the configuration!

Step 4: Set the Slack channel to receive responses from Typeform

After you connect Lounar with your Slack Workspace, you’ll be able to define how you would like to receive data from Typeform in Slack.

The first option is to let Lounar create a new Slack channel in your workspace dedicated to receiving responses from Typeform. To do that, name your channel and click the Create button:

If you already have the channel created, simply choose it from the dropdown menu:

To finish the integration, click the blue Create button at the bottom:

And we’re done! Now, let’s check out how it will work:

How does Typeform send responses to Slack?

Using Lounar’s integration, all answers to a submitted form will be automatically forwarded to the chosen Slack channel. You’ll receive a regular Slack notification when it happens, just like with any other message:

Open it, and you’ll see all the answers to the survey made in Typeform:

Well, that was easy!

Optimize gathering customer feedback and achieve great results for your business. No switching between devices and different software – everything in 1 place, with a clean format of Slack messages.

And hey, have we mentioned it’s 100% free?

FAQ - Slack and Typeform integration

How many forms can I connect to Slack?

As many as you need! There’s no limit to the number of forms you can connect to Slack using Lounar.

How many accounts can I integrate with Lounar?

No limit here as well. You can connect as many Typeform accounts and Slack Workspaces as you need. Everything for better flexibility of your team 😁

Can I respond to customer questions submitted in forms created in Typeform?

Yes! Once you’re notified in Slack about a customer’s question, you can respond to it directly in Slack using Reply via thread feature.

How long will I wait to receive the answers from the form to Slack?

You won’t wait even for a second. All responses from Typeform are automatically forwarded to your Slack workspace in a blink of an eye. So you don’t have to worry about a clogged email account and lost notifications of new responses to your survey.

Will my other teammates see the answers?

Yes – if they are a part of the channel you chose for the answers, of course. 😁

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